Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My forced break from posting

Hope everyone is enjoying their 2008. I couldn't post the last week or so because I was having problems with my laptop. Specifically, the wiring in the AC Adapter cord that connects to the computer became loose and melted the wire covering. This was really bad. It wasn't just sparks, there was actually a head of flame that came out of the melted cord area. I was so lucky nothing caught on fire. There I was, with one hand waiting to smother my sheets together if they caught on fire and my other hand reaching over trying to unplug the adapter. Scary.

Then, with the remaining power of my laptop, I looked up the part on Toshiba's website. There were 14 out of 15 bad reviews, with many users experiencing the same problem. One guy even had it smoking up while he was at the airport. Security was all over him immediately.

To make it even worse, there was only one adapter compatible with my laptop (so they say), so I had them ship it to me express. Except that for some reason, they would only ship it to my address on record with my credit card. So even though UPS had my package, I couldn't go pick it up or redirect it to my work address. I ended up having to take a morning off to make sure I got it.

Well, hopefully the new year can only get better. At least I'm back up and posting now.