Saturday, September 29, 2007

New diet?

One of the things I was planning to do with the extended time off was to start going back to the gym and maybe do some cooking and dieting. Unfortunately, one of the problems with where I'm living now makes me not want to cook there at all. So, I decided on a new idea for a diet. This will probably be costly, since I'll be buying food from restaurants as I want to avoid cooking, but that also means that the food will probably taste better too.

There are a couple nice Turkish places nearby, so I'm thinking of making it basically like a Mediterranean diet where I eat a lot of salad, bread, rice, and kebabs. The only thing that I worry about is that I'll end up eating a lot of the Turkish bread (pide), and I keep reading about how eating so much bread isn't really good for weight loss. I don't know. I guess I'll try following it for a week or two and see how that goes. Wish me luck!

Tell me what to post

Sorry guys, I actually went 7-2 in these last three days and the only thing I recommended was that loss on Thursday. There's been a lot on my mind lately. I still wanna blog about some of my Hong Kong experiences (food, culture, etc.) but can't seem to get motivated to sit down and type it all out. Noone ever leaves me comments. Maybe if the scant 2-3 people reading this thing got more readers to leave me comments telling me what they want me to post, I'd post more :-p.

Todays' college football was tough with so many underdogs prevailing. I went 0-4 including Ohio State -23.5 with the final margin being 23 because they had a point after blocked. Ouch. I really don't think I'll post anything for the baseball playoffs, and my record for college football has been abysmal so far. At least my overall record for baseball since I started posting was pretty good:

Running total: +14.35 units
Record: 25-11

I thought that even if I couldn't find a new job immediately I'd be relaxed, enjoy some time off, and spend some time pursuing my own interests. But with the current living situation being so uncomfortable it makes me even more restless when I watch my excoworkers trading. What should I do? Since most of my readers (if any) are friends close to me and understand the situation, I'd be happy to hear some real specific comments about what I should do.

Well, time to sleep. Big football day tomorrow and an even bigger day Monday with the big Pats Monday Night Football game and the National Day race meeting in Hong Kong. Happy National Day to any readers in Hong Kong!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

VBOTD (Value bet of the day)

Under 9.5

Smoltz has pitched 10 consecutive quality starts going into this one, while Kendrick has had a very good year and pitches very well at home. Usually when teams are on winning streaks, it means they're hitting well. But in this case, neither team has been blowing out its opponents during their respective winning streaks. I'd take this game at 8.5, let alone reduced juice 9.5.

Running total: +1545
Record: 25-10

Baseball season is winding to a close and I'm not sure how much value there is in betting postseason unders, what with everybody's aces on the mound. So I've decided that I will post some NFL value bets, now that we're going to be a quarter of the way through the season and have a better idea how things stand. I loathe it when sports analysts tell me things like "this is the x-ranked defense in the league this season, they've allowed y-yards rushing and z-yards passing per game" only two weeks into the season. Stats per game from two weeks mean nothing. After this week, with a quarter of the season through, we'll be able to actually tell how good and bad the teams are.

Monday, September 24, 2007

RDT (Random Daily Thought)

The Geometric Progression of the Last Bite

Is it just me or do people in general have this tendency? Whenever there is only one portion of communal food left (the last slice of pizza, the last cup of soda from a 2 liter bottle, the last glass of wine, etc.), people try their best to avoid taking the last piece and leaving nothing left. So people start cutting that last piece in half, or pouring only half of what remains, and continue to do this until the portion becomes so small that someone must finish it. Why do we do this? How common is this practice?

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Under 8.5

Kansas City has managed more than 4 runs only once in their last 10 games. Garland is not going to help matters as he's given up only 1 run in each of his last three outings. Yet Garland is 1-2 in those three games because the White Sox haven't been able to get him any run support. Greinke hasn't been dominant since he returned to a starting role, but he's been effective and the Royal's bullpen isn't that bad. I just don't see where the runs are coming from in this one.

Running total: +1445
Record: 24-10

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

VBOTD (Value bet of the day)

Yes I'm back but there's so much frustration with everything that's going on in my life that I can't sit back and type out a blog entry. What with the lack of a job, issues with my new living situation, and not being able to settle into a routine, it's been really stressful of late. I really don't want to go in-depth and blog about those things right now so might as well try to make us all some money.

Under 9.5

Both Penny and Fogg have been pitching well and the only reason the line is this high is because it's being played at Coors Field. But as we can see from yesterday afternoon's game, two good pitchers will still be able to dominate, even in the high altitude.

Running total: +1555 Record: 24-9

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Posts will be returning soon!!!

The internet should be hooked up either tomorrow (Wednesday) or Thursday at the latest and I'll be back blogging again. Not that I have anything better to do... got rejected at an interview today. The usual reason that they give to me: I didn't seem enthusiastic enough about what they do exactly and they think I'd probably be bored with it very quickly. Sigh....

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Delay in posts

Sorry the internet is not yet set up in the new place I moved into. I will continue to post as soon as the internet is set up. I will post some more thoughts about my trip to Hong Kong, a little more restaurant talk, and maybe a couple more baseball picks if the season hasn't ended by the time my internet's back up. I will also try to put up a couple links to my friends' blogs. If anyone is interested in me posting football picks, please let me know, otherwise I may not do it.
Cheers all and thanks for reading.