Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tell me what to post

Sorry guys, I actually went 7-2 in these last three days and the only thing I recommended was that loss on Thursday. There's been a lot on my mind lately. I still wanna blog about some of my Hong Kong experiences (food, culture, etc.) but can't seem to get motivated to sit down and type it all out. Noone ever leaves me comments. Maybe if the scant 2-3 people reading this thing got more readers to leave me comments telling me what they want me to post, I'd post more :-p.

Todays' college football was tough with so many underdogs prevailing. I went 0-4 including Ohio State -23.5 with the final margin being 23 because they had a point after blocked. Ouch. I really don't think I'll post anything for the baseball playoffs, and my record for college football has been abysmal so far. At least my overall record for baseball since I started posting was pretty good:

Running total: +14.35 units
Record: 25-11

I thought that even if I couldn't find a new job immediately I'd be relaxed, enjoy some time off, and spend some time pursuing my own interests. But with the current living situation being so uncomfortable it makes me even more restless when I watch my excoworkers trading. What should I do? Since most of my readers (if any) are friends close to me and understand the situation, I'd be happy to hear some real specific comments about what I should do.

Well, time to sleep. Big football day tomorrow and an even bigger day Monday with the big Pats Monday Night Football game and the National Day race meeting in Hong Kong. Happy National Day to any readers in Hong Kong!

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