Saturday, April 5, 2008

Long time no blog

It's been a while since I've posted, as I've gone through a horrible streak working and have been pretty much just keeping to myself. The markets are tough right now. Nasdaq posted a 4.2% gain this past week yet I think very few people in my office have really made any money.

On to more important things. My baseball picks. I know there are people waiting for them. I should start posting picks in May. It'll probably take at least until then for this season's stories to start sorting themselves out. I mean, Detroit is the only team so far without a win. Although I have to say, the big NL staff aces have all put in fantastic performances so far in their first outings, including Peavy, Webb, Penny, Zambrano, Hamels, etc.

In other news, I will be moving at the end of April, and I'm looking foward to it. I'll be paying through the roof in rent, but I think the new place will have a great effect on me overall.

Lastly, here's an interesting poker theory question. What two hands will result in the biggest preflop edge one hand can have over another in Omaha?

This is my best guess:

Anyone know how to put in a spoiler on blogspot? (mouse over this)

Anyone else find this question interesting? Can anyone come up with two hands with a bigger edge?


trefo said...

I can't see the hands posted....but of course as the best Omaha player in the world I know the answer.

The Pretender said...

My comment on the hands can be seen by putting your mouse over the part that says "(mouse over this)".

Anyway, this is what I wrote: AAKK doublesuited versus KK72 rainbow. This yields a 91.48% edge to the AAKK hand. Also, I think KK72 in this scenario is only 1 card combination worse than KK82, with a board of 88877