Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lunch at Bhatti Indian Grill (food)

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Bhatti before, and this time it's pretty much the same mixed review. I really like the food, but the service is mediocre at best, though there's been a little improvement since the last time I went. The only thing different about this review is that there are pictures. I went for their set lunch special, which is $7.95 for vegetarian and $9.95 for nonvegetarian and offers unlimited servings. You pretty much have to do unlimited to compete with all the buffets in the area.

We start off with chaat. Good flavors, good textures. A good sign of things to come.

Assorted chicken and kebabs, done on the namesake bhatti grill. It is far and away more moist and flavorful than any meat in any of the buffet steam trays around town. Again, this was unlimited, so I think I ended up ordering thirds. Sorry for the bad pic, I didn't do any QC while I was taking them.

Assortment of curries. There was aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower), paneer masala (cheese with tomato and onion), a terrifically moist and flavorful rice, chickpeas, lentils, and chicken curry. I would have preferred a little more char on the naan, but it was decent.

Dessert. Kheer? It was sweet without being sickly so.

Lots of food. Great flavors and textures. The service is coming around, if very slowly. Then again, if you look at the price and compare it to a buffet lunch, it really stands out above the pack in terms of quality if you ask me.

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