Saturday, July 10, 2010

Quick Thoughts, First Night in Vegas (VegasSummer10, food, sport, stock/trading, entertainment)

Quick thoughts and an interesting encounter.

Was in a ridiculous line to get through security while at the Delta terminal for my flight. The line went out the terminal and almost ran out of sidewalk. People had to be continuously expedited through the line to make their flights.

Cliff Lee is ridiculously good, but I understand that the Yankees already have two top left handed arms. This move, however, makes Texas a very very strong team, now that they have a real anchor in the staff who could win 2 games every playoff series by himself. Great move by Texas, and it looks like the Yankees did what they could, but it wasn't worth any more than what they offered.

Thoughts on the whole Lebron thing and the NBA in a future post.

So on the flight over, there was a pretty hot woman in the aisle seat. Looked vaguely familiar, but couldn't put a name to her. Then she started talking to the guy in the middle seat, and she mentioned that she was a former pole dancing competitor, but more importantly, is the wife of Kenneth Starr, the alleged ponzi schemer. Oh, the people one meets from NYC to LV. She was pretty down to earth though.

One of the entertainment options on Delta was a trivia game. The cool thing was that you competed against other passengers on the plane. Nobody talked trash, but we did look over to see who the other players were. It's a good way to pass time since your brain is engaged and so you don't feel the passage of time as much.

One flight attendant spilled a little soda on my pants while handling a credit card transaction (with a cup of coke in her other hand) and did not come back to offer even a napkin. This and the long line at the terminal are obviously signs for why US airlines are just all doomed.

Lots of quality here, and even on the plane over. Some of the hottest Chinese girls I've seen in a long time.

Introduced my friend BM to Pai Gow Tiles. It's not the easiest game to learn, but we had a fun dealer and a great time.

Ate at the Bellagio buffet. Pictures to come.

Looking foward to the World Cup final. Seems like the classic confrontation of the best team (Spain, pre-tourney favs, European champs) against the hottest team (The Netherlands haven't lost a single World Cup match or even one of the qualifying matches).

I'm actually tempted to play some online poker right now. Such a junkie.


Memphis MOJO said...

Was in a ridiculous line to get through security while at the Delta terminal for my flight.

Memphis is a Northwest/Delta hub, so Terminal B (theirs) is often backed up at security. We go to the next one over, go through security there as they are all interconnected inside. I'm guessing that wouldn't work in NYC as the terminals are so big you have to take trains between them.

The Pretender said...

There were people who thought of that. But since they were expediting people who needed to catch planes, it didn't seem necessary. In fact, some people didn't even bother to get in line, stayed in the air conditioning, and just waited to cut the line.

k slay said...

Hank the tankkkkk, donovans!!!!! should have came to the dave concert you pothead!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA

- Steve

The Pretender said...

Must have been a great time Steve, really wish I coulda joined you guys. Drop me a line anytime or read the blog maybe you'll come across something you like.