Sunday, May 27, 2012

Can Popovich do what Belichick hasn't been able to? (sports, gambling)

The similarities between the Popovich Spurs and the Belichick Patriots are quite uncanny.

Both teams have "dynasties" that have lasted more than a decade.
Neither team has had a losing (rebuilding) regular season during its run.
Both teams have had one superstar player as the main support throughout. (Brady/Duncan)
Both teams are system-based and have plugged all kinds of no-name players into productive roles.
Both teams have had rule changes made because of thir strategies. (illegal contact/2 minute away from ball foul)
Both coaches say very little to the press.
Both teams started out being known for defense and have since turned into offensive juggernauts.

It is this last point that is the most interesting to me right now. Since Belichick turned the New England Patriots into a super offensive team, they have not been able to win another championship. The question is whether the San Antonio Spurs will similarly fall short.

I do think whoever comes out of the West will win it all, and I do think the Spurs will come out on top. If nothing else, this will come down to home court advantage and the Spurs have been extra dominant at home for as long as I can remember. I am very excited for the final four teams and do think there will be many enjoyable hard fought battles. However, I also think that the Spurs have to best chance of consistently blowing out opponents with their deep and unstoppable offense and solid defensive fundamentals. Tonight should be the first example of that as I predict the Spurs to win by double digits in Game 1 against the OKC Thunder. The current line is SAS-5.5

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