Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I WAS Looking Forward to This Season at MSG (sport, food)

Tonight is the start of the new NBA season. Last April I went to a late-season Knicks game and had an enjoyable time. The tickets weren't too bad (around $170 for 100 level behind the backboard) and the new food options sounded very interesting. So interesting, in fact, that I tried a whole lot of food in order to write this review. I really was looking forward to going again this season, until I checked out the online presale and the outrageous prices. Oh well.

Knicks dancers were available before the game for pictures and autographs. They seemed very nice.

The view of the game from my seat.


I did not feel like paying $15 for a chicken sandwich or getting sushi at a sporting event, so those didn't make the list of things I tried.

Andrew Carmellini's Sausage Boss:
I did try both the cheese bratwurst and the Italian sausage with onions and peppers. I thought the bratwurst was interesting and had more flavor, while the Italian sausage was a bit generic and a bit too sweet.

AquaGrill: Lobster shrimp roll was the only thing they served. The good thing was that they buttered and toasted the buns to order, but it also meant a longer wait than one might expect for the pre-made filling. At $21, it's fine for what it is but nothing spectacular. If you really have a craving for lobster while you're watching the Knicks or the Rangers, then by all means.

Drew Nieporent's Daily Burger: By far the best thing I had all night was the cheeseburger with bacon-onion jam. It was juicy, meaty, flavorful, and perfectly cooked.

I don't know if it comes through in this picture, but the interior is a perfect pink of loosely packed meat. Not only was this burger tasty in its own right, but I was wowed at the level of cooking for a stadium burger.

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