Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Only Two Weeks Left for Live Jazz Upstairs at the NoMad (food, entertainment)

One of the great things about the restaurant in the NoMad hotel is how the space is divided into unique rooms (library, bar, atrium, parlor, fireplace) each with its own ambiance and charm. Every Thursday for the past couple of months, they've also managed to transform a meeting room on the second floor of the hotel into a fun venue for drinks, snacks, and live jazz. There are only two weeks left right now to experience live jazz upstairs at the NoMad, but it should return after the summer.

A regular meeting room gets done up simply but effectively.

The complimentary bowl of nuts is perfect for drinks, the best being the round ones with a crispy coating, described to me as like "those Japanese snacks".

As there isn't a full kitchen or bar to work with on the second floor, only a limited number of drinks and snacks are available, with about 5 of each to choose from. The fruits de mer platter is not available due to the temperature constraint. The menu has changed as the spring season has settled in, but the silky smooth chicken liver mousse and the beef tartare with a nice kick to it were excellent snacks to enjoy with a couple of drinks.

If you are lucky enough to snag a reservation, you can in theory have the table until they are finished for the night. The band plays throughout the night, but most of their guests tend to settle in for about an hour or two, usually as a pre- or post-dinner kind of thing.

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