Friday, August 22, 2008

Quick trip to Boston

Was up in Boston last week for 4 days to attend a wedding. Congrats to Hao Yuen and Munyi!! During my time up there, I stayed for two nights at the Liberty hotel, which used to be a jail and is right next to Mass General Hospital. It's pretty classy, and houses one of the hottest bar/lounges in the city. I was very pleased with my stay.

Much of the trip was also spent eating, with way too much artery-clogging goodness. Wednesday started off with dinner at Hamersley's Bistro, with the always delicious roast chicken entree (practically the only time I order chicken at a restaurant) and a deliciously fatty calf's brain appetizer. Thursday lunch was spent at one of my favorite and very underappreciated sushi places in Boston, Sakurabana in the financial district. To the surprise of me and my friend, they had kobe beef sushi and tataki along with our usual preferred choices of bonito, suzuki, and hamachi belly.

Thursday dinner deserves a paragraph all by itself, as I spent over 3 and a half hours with my friend at Clio for the 14 course tasting menu which became 15 when we augmented an A5 kobe beef dish. It was a tasty and whimsical meal, with several fun courses and the iron chef experience with liquid nitrogen being used to create a sorbet tableside. My favorite highlights included:

A tomato water martini with basil oil, caper berry, and tomato popsicle.
Geoduck sashimi and BBQ, which was the first time I've had BBQed geoduck and that was nice.
A two hour slow-poached egg, which was special because when I asked whether it was sous-vide, they said it wasn't because it wasn't in a vaccuum bag but poached in the shell.
Two beautiful seared diver scallops with textures of tomato, rhubarb, and szechuan pepper.

Friday was mixed food-wise, as I had two lunches with the two Boston offices where I worked. After two slices of pizza I joined a whole bunch of guys for a disappointing (but not unexpectedly so) restaurant week lunch at the steakhouse named the Oak Room. Reminds me of the restaurant week disaster at Smith and Wollensky's from a while back. I'm not big on restaurant week to begin with but above all else I strongly strongly suggest not choosing a steakhouse to sample. Friday dinner was much nicer although it was basically a cow overdose. Bone marrow and oxtail for appetizer, a 30 oz bone-in rib eye for entree, and a shortrib mac n' cheese for a side which doubled as my dessert since it took me forever to finish it.

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