Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random food thoughts (food)

I personally prefer savory carbs to sweet carbs. I prefer bagels to donuts, and I never really have a craving for waffles or baked goods. However, most people aren't like me in that respect and one of the great recent inventions to cater to fans of both the sweet and the savory were McGriddles breakfast sandwiches. Just recently, Dunkin Donuts has come up with its own version, a waffle breakfast sandwich. From the online reviews I've read, it still pales in comparison to the McDonald's version. My favorite breakfast selections from McD's are the egg mcmuffin and the steak egg and cheese bagel. (Don't judge me for eating a McDonald's bagel. This was back in Boston.) I used to eat both meals in one morning sitting! That's why I'm now on a diet.

I never understand why people are so adamant that they want "authentic" ethnic food. I don't understand why on so many foodie forums and blogs people seem to think that the authenticity of ethnic food automatically makes it amazing and why they hate on places that are not as authentic. What I think people really want is just "non-Americanized" versions of ethnic food. Let's face it, American food is the most processed, additive-filled, greasy, and unexciting food out there. Catering to these tastes obviously dumbs down food compared to authentic native ethnic food. However, that doesn't automatically make it bad. I like beef with broccoli, even though broccoli is not remotely native to China. I also don't think it makes one less sophisticated as an eater to prefer adapted tastes rather than the authentic ones. For example, I personally prefer Thai food that I have in Hong Kong that is catered to those tastes more than what I ate in Bangkok.

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