Sunday, February 15, 2009

What will I be eating? (food)

On to phase 2 of my diet, which is the low GI phase. Essentially I'm trying to diet in phases. As soon as the weight loss stops, I move on to some other way to affect my body. It's kinda like how P90X advertises muscle confusion, except that this is fat confusion. So after 3 weeks of high fiber cereal, I took one week off where I limited the portion sizes but allowed myself to be more free with my choices.

For phase 2, the plan is 3 meals per day with a sandwich at each meal. The sandwich will be made with half a small whole wheat pita (this will result in less carbs than when I was eating cereal every day), raw baby spinach, and my choice of fat and protein. Right now, I'm going with slices of roast turkey (real turkey) and emmenthaler. Real swiss cheese goes a much longer way than those kraft slices. Since the aim is low GI, I expect to be able to really enjoy the fat and protein part of the meal. I think next I'll probably get some nice smoked and cured fish from Russ and Daughters.

Speaking of real cheese, I've always wondered how much food people actually taste. My guess is that a lot of overweight people in America just end up eating large portions of food that don't actually generate enough taste. Take for instance, the italian sub. How many people can actually taste the difference between the types of meats and the interplay of flavor and texture? Would people eat less if they got a sandwich with less meat but from a real deli butcher instead of the generic stuff at a Subway's?

Another food thought experiment that I would like turned into a real experiment has to do with time frames. I understand the idea of the circadian rhythm and that like most species on this planet, our bodies and cells react to the sun. Is a balanced daily diet truly better than one balanced over the course of a month? I haven't done the requisite research, but I'm sure this would make a simple undergraduate or graduate thesis project in public health. It'd be easy to control too I think. Set aside the amount of food that will be digested over a 3 week period. Divide that equally so the daily group gets the same amount of each major tested component (macronutrients or whatever is of interest) daily while the other group gets all of one component for one week then switches. eg. One group eats 40/30/30 carbs/fat/protein every day while the other groups would eat the same amount of each macronutrient group but in one week spans. I'd be really interested in what the results would look like.

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