Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another Great Sports Weekend (sport, horseracing, poker)

Another great sports weekend in what I think might be one of the greatest sports years ever. This weekend wasn't about the major sports though. A very entertaining baseball postseason has come and gone, this NFL season still hasn't produced any clear-cut favorites, and the NBA season has barely started.

The sporting events that really got me excited this weekend were horseracing and poker. All eyes were on Zenyatta and she almost came through with the win. It's always hard for a backmarker to win a high level race, so I was actually quite impressed. I still do not buy into the hype that she's the best female horse ever, but she's certainly in the conversation. Clearly dominant against other female horses, but I don't buy into the Breeders Cup runs as she clearly had a much easier campaign going into an end of year race.

The World Series of Poker main event final table also took place this weekend, and I was following the live blog on the ESPN website. I would have watched the ESPN3 live broadcast, except that Time Warner sucks and is still having issues with that. I don't want to put any spoilers on here, but there were some amazing hands and some real poker was played, not just a shovefest.


Anonymous said...


any comment on the texans kicking that field goal at the end? A pretty crappy decision, I think, though not quite as much of a brain cramp as if they were up 3 not 1. Am anti-jets so had to vent somewhere.

Jonathan W.

The Pretender said...

Was out of the country in Hong Kong so didn't see or follow it.