Monday, June 14, 2010

The Greatest Sports Year Ever? (sport)

I know it's only been half way through the year, but let's recap the big sports so far. This is not a comprehensive list. If I leave out something let me know.

Highest rated Superbowl in a long time. Great story about the city as well as the sport. Great game.

One of the most entertaining tournaments in recent memory, from start to finish. Lots of upsets, but a number 1 seed did win in the end, surviving a buzzer beating heave that almost went in.

Winter Olympics
The best performance the US has put up by far in the winter olympics led to increased attention and popularity.

Another entertaining playoffs, with the Habs upsets, one of the greatest game 7 comebacks, and an exciting Stanley Cup finals. This coming on the heels of a terrific hockey display in the olympics.

The hardship and comeback of Tiger Woods. The storybook win of Mickelson with his family in attendance.

Nadal returns to dominance at the French Open while a couple of giant killers almost made it all the way.

A terrific postseason culminating in one of the most entertaining and unpredictable NBA finals in a long time.

An amazing season for pitchers, with perfect games, sub 1.00 ERAs, and the debut of the flame throwing machine that is Strasburg.

Oh, and we're also in the starting stages of the world's biggest sporting event, the World Cup.


Dan said...

Does your failure to mention Butler by name mean that that last second heave failing to drop has relegated them to being totally forgotten? It will be interesting to see as the years go on whether the Butler story has legs (other than the next time a mid-major gets that far).

The Pretender said...

No, just random. Even though Lakers Celts are big names I didn't mention them when talking about the NBA either.

Butler's been a solid team the last few years though. I think the NBA's one year college rule has a lot to do with the increase of lesser known names getting farther in the tourney and I expect it to continue.

Jonathan Weinstein said...

You weren't kidding about the Finals being unpredictable. Who knew tonight would be an LA blowout? Definitely it's been a great year. On a subjective level, a little less great if I have to see Kobe win.