Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hong Kong Eats: Lunch at Yung Kee (food, HKFall10)

I've heard more and more complaints over the years about Yung Kee. Too crowded, too many tourists, inconsistency, and a general decline in quality, especially on the non-VIP floors. While all of those things may be true to some extent, I still think it's worth a stop for its signature goose and preserved eggs.

Starting off with the preserved eggs with pickled ginger. One of my favorite things to eat, but it's not for everyone. Yung Kee prides itself on the gelled center of their eggs, and it does add a nice texture component to the creamy yolk.

This isn't the same roast pork that you get at your local Chinese takeout. This plate cost about HK$130(=USD$16) and was filled with sweet, tender, meaty pork. This is how Chinese barbecue really is. Not the best, but still very good.

The signature roast goose. I haven't been able to find any goose in NYC, so this was quite a treat for me. We asked for one that wasn't too fat, which may have been why there were some pieces that were a tad dry. However, the goose was full of flavor and the skin was nice.

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