Saturday, October 15, 2011

NFL Picks Week 6 2011 (sport, gambling)

While there is plenty of parity in the NFL overall, the difference between really good teams and really bad teams is just too great. I think linesmakers often just can't make lines large enough.


It might be 14.5 at some places, but I just don't see how a banged up Rams team can keep from getting routed by a team playing some of the best football on both sides of the ball I have seen in a long time.


It might be 7 at some places, but if you can get 6.5, I would say to jump on it. While the Jets' three consecutive losses have disappointed fans, a more objective look will reveal that all three losses were on the road to playoff contenders. When you consider that the Jets will be motivated and that the last time they played a home game against a bad team they won by 29 points, laying a TD sounds like very good value.


Memphis MOJO said...

Thank you not only for your picks, but your reasons.

The Pretender said...

YW. Thanks for your poker points, not just the ones from magazines, but your own in the recent post as well. Congrats on the chop. It's been too long since I played poker.