Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Go Right Now to the NoMad Hotel Restaurant: White Truffles at Cost and "Yardbird" Snacks (food)

The restaurant at the NoMad hotel is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. The food and service are always excellent, and it's perfect for any occasion, whether fancy fine dining or cocktails and snacks. As if that wasn't enough, now is as good a time as any to visit (or revisit) the NoMad as they have a couple of interesting promotions going on.

The first promotion involves the shaving of white truffles at cost. I think they plan to have a continuous supply for quite a while, so they probably won't run out anytime soon. But note that even though the truffles are being shaved at cost, the incoming market cost does change. So while they were $32/4g at the start of the promotion, they are currently $36/4g.

Simple yet delicious with perfectly cooked pasta and a hint of cheesiness from the parmesan enhancing the funk of the white truffles.

As my friend was cutting carbs and not interested in either the tagliatelle or risotto options, the chef whipped up some eggs for him to enjoy his truffles with. The eggs were so soft and buttery that the small bite I tried tasted texturally like some super creamy grits or polenta.

The second promotion involves a collaboration with the chef from Yardbird restaurant in Hong Kong, a yakitori restaurant that has gotten rave reviews from locals and media alike. There are three appetizers that are only served in limited quantities at the bar or the library.

While a traditional scotch egg is hard boiled, the yolk here is perfectly cooked to a jelled, slighty runny consistency. Despite being a snack, it's a well composed dish with a full range of textures and balanced with the acidity of the slaw underneath.
This was just a delicious drinking snack. I've had fried cauliflower before so I knew texturally it would be awesome, but it worked even better with the crispy korean-fried exterior. I also liked how the sauce had a lingering depth to it as the sesame seeds and yuzu expanded the mild heat and sweetness.

The third appetizer involved chicken oysters, but due to the scarcity they ran out of it before I got there.

But the promotions shouldn't be the only reason to go back to the NoMad if you haven't been in a while. They continue to update their classics as well.

FRUITS DE MER “LE GRAND PLATEAU” (shown here for two)
The platter consists of 6 bites of seafood per order, featuring: oyster with a frozen mignonette; sea urchin custard with apple and caviar; lobster salad with jalapeno; crab bavarois; scallop with pistachios; yellowtail with horseradish. It's pretty much been a must-get dish every time I've been to the NoMad. Compared to earlier versions, I found that the sea urchin custard is now richer and deeper in flavor, while the jalapeno was moved from the scallop to the lobster to give it a much needed kick. The crab bavarois is also relatively new and unique, the cream working well with the sweetness of the crab.

This seemed weird at first, but the sweetness of the grapes and the saltiness from the cheese worked well together. When I asked them how they came up with this, it turns out the inspiration was "wine, bread, and cheese". Genius in simplicity.

The NoMad Restaurant
1170 Broadway
(between 27th St & 28th St)
Manhattan, NY

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