Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl picks

One of the beautiful things about the Superbowl is the incredible number of prop bets available. I think this year I've seen sites with about 400 props (I think there are more this year because of the larger number of worthy WR/RB comparisons). Because of this, it's much more fun to talk about prop bets than the actual Superbowl line of New England -12.5. I have a friend who would bet on the coin flip every year and kept getting killed when there was like a six year streak (I forget whether it was heads or tails) and he kept fading it.

My favorite prop this year is any prop that has to do with the Patriots and rushing touchdowns. Yes we all know about the Patriots' potent passing game and the clear weather down in Arizona that they will be playing in for the first time in well over a month. We also know that they run those plays for Vrabel as well. But the Pats have given the ball to Maroney a good deal of late and Brady has run a good number of QB sneak touchdowns over the years. I think getting anything better than 2-1 on the first Pats TD being a rushing TD is just fantastic odds.

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