Sunday, February 17, 2008

TV's coming back

I'm so happy that the writers' strike is over. As I've posted before, I watch a lot of TV. In fact, one of excuses that I always give as to why I don't want to move back to Hong Kong is that I probably couldn't stand the lack of good TV.

One of the few great shows that are still running new episodes is Lost, and with the ability to catch up on all 4 seasons online, I've gotten back into it. It's a great show if you can watch a whole bunch of the episodes in one sitting, instead of having to wait a week. One of the interesting things about this show is that there are so many fansites and fan forums with theories about what's going on. Some of these theories are quite well-developed in fact. Nowadays, you could probably write one of these TV shows, throw in all kinds of myths and subplots, and have fans bail you out without having to have a real plan in place. Supposedly the writers and producers already know how it's all going to end, as they've already signed on for an exact number of episodes.

Another great show that I watch is Boston Legal, and an interesting tidbit I learned is that even though the overall ratings for the show aren't that super, it scores highest amongst the higher income demographic (19-47 >$100k income) and that is why the show will continue to be on the air for a while.


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