Saturday, June 7, 2008

Everyone who bet on Big Brown

... got what they deserved. To bet a horse with a possible injury situation that has never run a mile and a half and is racing for the third time in 5 weeks down to unbackable odds is just mind-boggling. 1-4? Lunacy.

If I had to guess, my guess is an irregular heartbeat. The horse certainly didn't bleed out, but I don't think it's internal bleeding either. From what Desormeaux said, there were a couple times early that the horse wanted to go, so my guess is it wasn't just the horse not wanting to run the race today. I'm sure there will be a full set of tests run and we'll hear about it on ESPN soon.

My only disappointment from this race was that had he won it, I would have been able to bet heavily against him the first time he ran against older horses. This crop of 3 year olds is just not that good. While his Derby win was indeed very impressive, he's definitely no Curlin.

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