Friday, January 16, 2009

NBA league pass for TV (tv)

I really love my purchase of the NBA league pass for TV. Although Time Warner charged me full price even though I purchased it a quarter of the season in, it's been well worth it. I get to sweat every game that I'm involved in, and there are a lot of fun teams to watch this year such as Indiana and Golden State (Knicks are fun to watch too but that's on MSG). Another great thing is that if I just want to have something on the TV late at night (eleven or later), the west coast late game might still be on.

The thing that really amuses me the most is watching the ads from other places in the US. I get to see fast food commercials for Carl's Jr, Hardees, and some places I'd never heard of before. One night, I actually saw a commercial for a bail bondsman (Clippers home game feed), which was the first time I've ever seen such an ad. You know who I think would be great for a bail bond commercial? Bernie Madoff.

Imagine him going, "Hi, I'm Bernie Madoff, and I use ABC bail bonds for my bail. Because if I actually put up bail, I wouldn't be able to mail that money to my relatives during my house arrest."

Another great set of commercials are the ones for local Indian casinos. The good thing is that in general the ones I've seen aren't as annoying as the Mohegan Sun ones. I did, however, find out about a casino in southern California called Morongo, named after the tribe. I mean, talk about subliminal advertising!

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