Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What have I been eating? (food)

It's not that I haven't gone out to nice places to eat, it's just a combination of laziness and the fact that none of them either impressed me or disappointed me enough to make me really want to write about them.

In the last month, I've gone to

Le Bernardin (ate at the bar, but they still forced a jacket on me)

Kanoyama (had the superomakase, which turned out more expensive than I thought, had the fried fugu which was great)

Megu Midtown for Restaurant Week (the croquette from the regular menu was amazing, the RW menu was good value, but the service was extremely rushed as food came quickly and no water refills)

I'm hoping to change all that by having a review-worthy experience at Jean Georges next week. This would actually be the first time I've been to any restaurant in the JG empire.

In the meantime, I've started one phase of my diet plan, which is the fiber phase. I basically eat 3 meals a day, one of which has to be a cereal blend of Total and Fiber One with honey clusters (I choose this rather than the other Fiber Ones because it has the most soluble fiber). I also make sure that I have to have some serving of green vegetables (spinach, broccoli, chinese broccoli, etc.) every day, and fish at least three times a week. It's a transitional diet where I'm trying to get some healthy foods in without completely overhauling my eating plans. That's why I'll still be able to go to Jean Georges as long as I have my cereal early in the day and vegetables during the meal.

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