Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009!!

Happy new year everybody!

I am looking foward to 2009 as I hope that it can't get any worse than 2008 was for me (and most of the world). I will try very hard to really make this my year.

A quick note about the blog. Since I will be cutting down on all manners of gambling to start the year, there will be few if any picks posts to start. However, I will continue to post (probably more than before) sport and market related thoughts. I might also sneak in an occasional post about bridge. Assuming I follow through with my plans, I will also post about my diet/exercise progress (oh, body in college, are you still under there? somewhere?) This will however not interfere too much with the occasional special dining, so I do still expect restaurant reviews and meal descriptions. If I ever bother to get a camera or eat with someone who brings one, I might even include pics and become one of those food porn bloggers.

I wish the best for everyone in 2009 and the coming year of the ox!!!

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