Sunday, May 10, 2009

Awesome NY Times article (sports, stats, entertainment)

I know this is like 3 months old, but for anyone who hasn't read it yet, this is an amazing article: . It's talks about Shane Battier, but more importantly the NBA and the stats movement in sports in general. I knew about it but was only reminded to read it today when I was watching the Yao-less Rockets destroy the Lakers.

Right now I'm watching the DVRed season finale of SNL. Justin Timberlake is always terrific on SNL, although I think there was too much singing on this show. Jessica Biel is really hot and I can't believe it was 7 years ago that I saw her once in the psych department (she went to Tufts for two years, and was a freshman my senior year).

Tomorrow is the FTOPS PLO8 event on Full Tilt Poker, so I plan to take a half day at work and hopefully the end result will be even better than my results in the SCOOP.

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