Saturday, May 16, 2009

In writing (food, economy, conspiracy)

My friend posted this link on Facebook:
A terrific article about the scam that is the push for ethanol fuel. Another example of our fine government at work. I actually think this article applies to everyone more than to me because I don't drive. Please read it.

I posted earlier an old article by Michael Lewis about Shane Battier. My friend pointed out another great Lewis article, this one on what the hell happened in Iceland:

In other news, Frank Bruni will step down as the food critic for the New York Times. Of all the major food critics, especially in New York, Bruni was the one that I enjoyed reading the most and whose views I felt were most in line with mine. He cites his new book coming out as his main reason for stepping down, as it will compromise his ability to be a stealthy critic. This is a very big and influential role and it will be interesting to see what his successor will bring to the table.

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