Sunday, May 17, 2009

Charles Barkley is still awesome (sport, entertainment, tv)

I was rooting for the Celtics so game 7 was disappointing, but since I cleared out some of the stuff on my DVR, I decided to stay tuned and watch the post game show. It's been a while since I've watched an entire Inside the NBA show, but this was pretty awesome. About a few minutes in, Chris Webber interrupts Barkley, saying that he wants to reiterate something, at which point Barkley challenges Webber to spell "reiterate". Webber starts with "r-e-i", changes his mind to "r-i-e", then gives up all together. Hilarious. Remember, Webber actually spent 2 years at Michigan.

Another gem was when Kenny Smith set up a joke by asking Barkley, "Why don't you give a woman a watch?" To which Charles replied, "Cause there's a clock on the stove!" Webber hadn't heard this one before and was laughing uncontrollably at this point.

While he's very entertaining, Barkley is also a terrific basketball analyst. He made a great case for Orlando being hard for Cleveland to match up against, as well as a case for Denver having played the most consistently good basketball so far in the West. From all my years watching horseracing, I definitely know that it's important for an analyst not to be afraid to pick an underdog. I also like how he said he was pissed that the Lakers have amassed so much talent and yet are half-assing it.

The best part I thought came at the end when they showed the clip where Barkley and his ugly-ass swing hits a gallery spectator in the back of the head.

Barkley is still awesome and entertaining.

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