Monday, September 7, 2009

A Different Way to "Look" at Technicals (stock/trading)

Whether graphically or quantitatively, there are many market participants who use technical analysis. Some guys you see on CNBC, drawing trend lines on charts, pointing out levels, double bottoms or tops, etc. Some are computer program models that you don't see, digging through mountains and mountains of data. In the end, most technicians are trying to see a pattern that repeats itself that can be taken advantage of.

My question is, what if we don't map the data for visual stimulus? What if we map each tick, or each bar on a bar chart (or whatever measure of time and activity you use) to a sound? Then, let's say we gave this collection of sounds to a blind person with a heightened sense of hearing or a musically gifted person or a musical savant. Would they be able to detect patterns that most of us just can't see?

If playing cards were mapped to sounds/tones, could a music savant perform "Rain Man"-esque card-counting?

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