Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Is It (entertainment, gambling)

Baseball season may be over, but I decided to take in a tripleheader this past Friday while I was on more forced time off because I'm doing so poorly trading.

Started off with Michael Jackson's This Is It, which I really enjoyed. In the end, he really was the greatest pop-singer-dancer entertainer ever. Even with Jackson not at full strength because it was all just rehearsal footage, he was still a terrific performer. He knew his music, and I think that he wrote his music to match his changing voice as the years went on. Regardless of what his face looked like, his dancing was still strong and his movement was still fluid. Quite remarkable for a 50 year old. You could see his passion and how he wanted to create a spectacle, and one of the big takeaways from the movie was that the world missed what would have been a great show.

I was going to catch Zombieland next, but I had been following the wrong movie schedule, and the theater was not in fact showing it. So I caught another second half of This Is It.

After that, I went to watch Couples Retreat. When I saw the original trailers in previews, it looked ok. Then it came out and the reviews were pretty horrible. In the end I thought it wasn't good, but that it wasn't as horrible as what some reviews had made it out to be. It definitely did not need to be 2 hours long and it was a bit painful trying to stick out the end of it. The most notable thing for me about this movie were the ages of the more famous cast members. Kristin Davis was actually the oldest cast member at 43, while Kristen Bell was the youngest at 29, even though I always think she's younger because she was playing a 17 year old Veronica Mars while in her mid twenties. The very pretty Malin Akerman was also older than I thought at 32. The male cast pretty much hovered around 40, although it feels like those guys have been around forever. Matthew McConnaughey also turned 40 this past week, but high school girls, they stay the same age.

Another "this is it" moment is the end of the football gambling season for me. Not only has it been bad for me, but the past two weeks basically signalled that everything we thought we knew about this football season has changed. All the winless teams now have a win. The big undefeated teams have had problems covering the spread of late. It seems to me as good a time as any to call it quits for the season. This is it.

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