Saturday, June 12, 2010

Upgraded Versions of Classic American Foods (food)

That's been the major food trend in NYC the last few years. Chefs making high end burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, etc. Here are a few more that I've come across.

DBGB Kitchen and Bar, Daniel Boulud's brasserie focusing on sausages, has an amazing-looking menu. We got there during off-hours so only the bar menu was available, but there were still plenty of good bites.

The fromage de tete was definitely one of the better versions I've had.

The Frenchie burger was terrific from start to finish. Flavorful and juicy. The confit pork belly went extremely well with it and added porcine flavor without random strips of bacon.

I think this was the DBGB dog. A $7 hot dog is expensive but this was really good. A true hot dog, with a wonderful snap on the casing.

I think this was the Italian sausage. Delicious.

Speaking of Italian, Torrisi Italian Specialties features two chefs who've cooked at some of NYC's top restaurants going the Italian-American route.

The chicken parm sandwich. It's utterly... utterly. Fresh housemade mozzarella. A terrific roll. A just-enough breaded chicken cutlet with a well-seasoned tomato sauce. The chicken is put into a small oven to melt the cheese separately so as not to burn/char the bread. However, this does mean that it might not exactly taste like a chicken parm sandwich you're used to. Also, as good as the components are, it is a chicken parm sandwich and there is definitely a ceiling to how much the hyperbole translates to taste.

A tasty side of cauliflower.