Saturday, September 11, 2010

NFL Picks Week 1 2010 (sport, gambling)

Here we go.

For my first picks of the 2010 season, I'm going with two paired bets. I briefly mentioned paired/hedged bets in this picks post. Essentially, I'm betting on P(both events occur) >> P(both events don't occur), while if I win one and lose one, I lose a little juice.


Over 47.5

The play here is the over, as the Packers offense looked unstoppable in the preseason (and was actually quite unstoppable for most of last season) and the Eagles have some great receivers if they have to play catch up. But if one of the offenses were to stall, it would more likely be Philadelphia's.


Under 37

A lot of road favorites to start the first week of the season, but the 49ers do look improved while Seattle has a long rebuilding process to go through. I just don't see how Seattle puts up points, having let go of a legit receiver and their O-line coach right before the start of the season. So if Seattle keeps it close, it'll probably be because of some struggles from the SF offense, especially since the noise at Qwest Field is still one of the bigger home field advantages in the NFL.

Break a bookie, everyone!

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Memphis MOJO said...

These didn't work out, but don't stop posting. I'm interested in your reasoning as well as the actual pick.