Saturday, May 3, 2008

Burger at Old Homestead

I don't tend to go to steakhouses often, and when I do, it's usually to order the signature cut. This includes the porterhouse at Peter Luger's, the mutton chop at Keene's, the double eagle at Del Frisco's, etc. I was in the neighborhood and remembered watching something on TV about a Wagyu burger at Old Homestead so I decided to drop in for a try.

On the menu, there's a 20 oz American Wagyu burger for $41, and a 16oz Japanese Kobe burger for $81. I went for the American Wagyu burger and it was quite a disappointment. The burger was lacking in flavor and the middle, cooked medium rare, was more like a tartare without seasonings. There was just no beef flavor that one expects from a burger. Perhaps I should have tried the Kobe burger, but I don't know if it's worth the experiment now after the disappointment of the Wagyu burger. The tater tots were perfectly crisp, but still felt underseasoned to me. Maybe the chef just ran out of salt when I was there.

I also ordered two jumbo shrimp cocktail, which were quite nice, but expensive at $7 per shrimp. The only plus to the whole experience was that I walked 7 blocks North to Billy's Bakery ( and had a wonderful slice of banana cake (my first time there, I asked the cute girl for recommendations and she said the banana cake was their top seller) which helped put some flavor back into my mouth. I also took a cupcake home and that was quite good too.

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