Saturday, July 4, 2009

Non-gambling Entertainment (VegasSummer 09, entertainment)

There are a lot of things to do in Vegas other than gambling, and with my early exit from the WSOP tournament, we decided to enjoy some of these other forms of entertainment. There was a bowling alley in my hotel and I had a coupon, so we bowled a few games. It was during this time that I checked my phone and found out that Michael Jackson had died. I knew about Farrah Fawcett earlier, but this was really shocking as it was unexpected.

Besides bowling, we watched Transformers 2 on IMAX at the Palms and two nights later caught O at the Bellagio. I thought Transformers 2 was all right though everyone compared it unfavorably to the first one. I don't know if the big screen helped at all during the fight scenes. With the mishmash of shooting, transforming, and kung-fu type fight scenes, it was hard to figure out what was going on. I often couldn't tell whether something was a punch or a kick. While we were waiting to watch Transformers 2, we rewatched Pelham 123. I thought it was ok the first time I saw it, but upon further review, there were just too many stupid plot points and characters. It just wasn't very good.

We were 15 minutes late to O, but I was still amazed. Everything worked, from the acrobats to the clowns, and some of the aquatic acts were truly spectacular. If you've never seen a Cirque du Soleil performance, I highly recommend it. And even if you have, I'm sure O would compare favorably. However, I suggest reserving your tickets online or preferably getting comped. It was my friend's last night in Vegas so we bought same-day tickets at full price for mediocre upper level seats. I don't know if I can justify paying $170 for that considering everyone else in the theater probably paid less than we did.

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