Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Favorite Steakhouse Picks Part 1 (food)

There are a lot of really good steakhouses in NYC. I have many favorites, because many of these steakhouses tend to each have a different signature cut. Below are some of my favorites listed with the signature cut that I go there for and must-get extras that I've had (I might be missing some stuff though since I can't say I've sampled everything on the menus at these steakhouses). In future parts I'll have photos and more details of the food.

Peter Luger (Brooklyn. Cab it)

Signature cut: Porterhouse (I prefer the "for two" option)
Extras: creamed spinach, German fried potatoes, slab bacon, tomato and onion, schlag

Keens (36th St, 6th Ave)

Signature cut: Mutton chop, sizzling porterhouse
Extras: jumbo lump crab cocktail, indian pudding, hot fudge sundae

Prime House (27th St, Park Ave South)

Signature cut: 65 day dry aged ribeye
Extras: caesar salad with anchovies, slice of prime (7 layer fudge cake)

Strip House (12th St, University Place)

Signature cut: New York Strip
Extras: goose fat potatoes

Del Frisco's (49th St, 6th Ave)

Signature cut: double eagle strip, bone-in ribeye
Extras: crabcakes

Morton's (46th St, 5th Ave)

Signature cut: double cut filet mignon, double cut prime rib
Extras: shrimp Alexander


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with inclusion of Del Frisco's. One year my Dad was in town for his birthday. We took him out to Del Frisco's. Everybody just loved it....


Josekin said...

I can't take Morton's seriously after they screwed up my steak... twice