Monday, February 15, 2010

Playing the Slot Machine (bridge)

Played this one during the Saturday pairs. Nothing to discuss of bridge value, but cute. Check out the claim I made at trick 11.

And a beer too!


Memphis MOJO said...

Ning, ning, ning, ning, ning!!! The beer was just a bonus.

Josekin said...

Question 1: my dad said on trick 2 might be safer to finesse diamonds first.

Question 2: how many master points have you accumulated (he's curious)?

The Pretender said...


1. Yes, that's probably the best double dummy method to try to make the contract. But I wasn't expecting to make 3 diamond tricks, so felt the need to play on spades.

2. About 1600 or so ACBL masterpoints. But about 500 were accumulated in one year, and with me playing so little nowadays, only 100 or so in the last 2+ years.