Thursday, February 18, 2010

Prix Fixe Lunch at Momofuku Noodle Bar (food)

This was from a short while back. All the photos here are still from the camera on my phone. I originally intended to go there to try the ramen to compare it to the other ramen in NYC. However, the $20 three course prix fixe lunch (which they have regularly, not some restaurant week thing) just looked to be too good of a deal. And it was.

There were choices for each course, but I don't remember what my options were. The meal started with an amuse of golden beet tartar with lime, chervil, and yuzu. Didn't take a picture because it was a small amuse. It was refreshing with a light sourness and good texture.

The first course was a littleneck clam bun. Inside the bun with the two fried littlenecks were spicy mayo, shredded romaine, and cucumber. This was great as the littleneck clams were bursting with flavor.

Chicken noodle soup with hand cut noodles, poached egg, and scallions. The chicken tasted like it was chopped up grilled thigh meat which is good. The broth was ok, but I wish that it had tasted more like chicken soup. It was a little salty. The noodles were nice, but considering that I was originally planning to test out the ramen, they weren't anything special. Solid and filling though.

For dessert, soft serve ice cream. I could choose between banana bread or tea flavor or a combination of both. I went with the combination, and the ice cream came with some almond tea crumble which definitely added to it.

Overall, it was a solid meal where all three courses were good and I left feeling full. Good value for money and I thought the fried littleneck clam bun was inspired.

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