Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NBA Thoughts 2 Weeks into the 2013-14 Season (sport, gambling)

Just some quick thoughts on teams I've watched so far this season, including suggestions for how to bet them.

Brooklyn Nets
They have very good players, but just aren't a very good team. They aren't creating enough easy shots, and they don't really have any stellar pure shooters to help space the floor. They've also had problems holding leads, losing two double digit leads late (winning barely vs Miami and losing at Washington) because Jason Kidd has no idea which lineups to use with his deep team. Up by double digits late in the 4th quarter against the Wizards, Kidd took out all his defensive players besides Garnett (Pierce, Kirilenko, Evans, etc.) to play Jason Terry, one of the streakiest shooters out there. That makes no sense, and until he figures out the right lineups for each late game situation, I would only bet on them in first halves.

This is an underrated team that is capable of scoring a ton of points. If they still had a healthy Tyson Chandler, I'd say they'd be a dark horse to win it all. Reminds me a lot of the old Monta Ellis Warriors teams, and I'd focus on the over whenever they play a team that's willing to run with them.

The vaunted Memphis grit n' grind defense is gone. And considering they're lacking in scorers, that's a big problem. The new coach just doesn't have it together, and until they start holding teams to under 90 points on the road, they shouldn't be treated like an elite team. Fade them and take the over when they play against other defensively-challenged teams.

Another team with a coaching change (Memphis, above) that looks completely lost. They're trying to run like they used to, but they don't have enough scorers and shooters to handle that approach. They do not look anything like a playoff team right now, and I would fade them against any team that has no problems scoring in a fast pace.

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