Sunday, June 14, 2009

Detox and Food Inc. (food, entertainment)

After going crazy last week food-wise, I just started a personal detox on Saturday. This was much needed, as I ate at Prime House (the 65-day dry aged ribeye, superb), Eleven Madison Park (for lunch, again), L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon (one of my favorite places, see my review from 2 years ago ), revisited all my favorite sandwich places, and drank 3 cartons of chocolate milk all in the same week.

Although it hasn't even been 48 hours, I'm suffering. Maybe it's withdrawal. It's not that I'm not eating at all, but I'm eating very little and whatever I do eat doesn't have much taste to it. Perhaps I shouldn't have started this detox on a weekend, seeing as how when I have more free time I have more of an itch to eat. I'm only hoping to last through the week, after which I'll start eating sensibly, but adding flavor back into my diet.

Speaking of my favorite sandwich places post, I forgot about Dogmatic. Dogmatic ( is on 17th St and Broadway, and serves gourmet sausages in minibaguettes with fancy sauces. They source their food from sustainable farms and they heat the minibaguettes with spikes so that the sausage and sauce inside stay warm (often hot). My favorites are turkey sausage with truffle gruyere sauce, lamb sausage with mint yogurt sauce, and pork sausage with chimichurri. For less than $5, one will do for lunch, although I usually end up having two.

Another food-related thing I've been meaning to do is go see the documentary Food Inc. Here is their website and the trailer looks pretty good. I don't know how much new information will be in this movie, but I think I will appreciate the movie and the reviews have been quite good so far.

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