Monday, June 22, 2009

Need some sun (food, health)

Not just because of the constant rain lately. I'll avoid that soon enough when I'm out in Vegas. The reason we might need more sun comes from a study presented at the Endocrine Society's annual meeting. Researchers found that after placing subjects on a calorie-restricted diet, those with higher vitamin D levels had increased loss of belly fat. While vitamin D also comes from healthy food sources like fatty fish, our skin makes vitamin D after exposure to ultraviolet light. So the whole fit-bodied tanned culture might be more than just a correlation of being someplace sunny.

As I prepare (really haven't prepared anything) for my trip, I decided to introduce more flavors to my palate since the detox and light chinese food. However, I think I went overboard by having three tacos with my first exposure to Mexican spices and beef and pork all at once. It was delicious though. I wonder what I will end up eating while in Vegas. The fact that it's 9 nights is a bit daunting since that's a long time to be on vacation alone.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Henry,

How is Vegas coming along? Any food or poker impressions?

Kind regards,