Thursday, June 18, 2009

Detox over (food)

I lasted 5.5 days. The half day was because one of the days I had to eat something or else I was going to faint, and so I bought a turkey and swiss sandwich from Starbucks (I can't believe I paid $6 for that thing). I wouldn't consider this detox I went through to be particularly healthy. To put it in perspective, in those 5.5 days i lost about 8 lbs. But I felt like I needed a shutdown reboot of my body and I felt that this was the best way.

To restart my palate, I'm going to go with light (not American) Chinese food. Since it'll mostly be fish, chicken, vegetables, and rice, you could say that I'm continuing my diet. Chinese food is also cheap (from Chinatown), which is a very good thing for me right now. I continue to suck at work, and even though I sound like I'm making excuses, I probably shouldn't have been trading during this detox.

Besides work, my mood certainly isn't helped by this awful weather. Raining and humid all the time it's like I'm back in Hong Kong. I remember those days of stocking up on luncheon meat (think SPAM) and canned fish as June is generally typhoon season in Hong Kong.

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