Saturday, August 4, 2007

Busy busy busy

I originally thought that quitting my job would allow me to de-stress, sleep in, spend most of the day at the gym, and just be less frantic overall. Instead, with the threat of having to move, I've had to go walking all over Queens to find a new place, in the scorching heat while constantly still being dehyrated and recovering from the 40hr mess I suffered through earlier in the week (it continued for another day after I left the hospital before it got better). In the end, I settled on a place, which while being far from ideal, will work given the short amount of time I had, and hopefully will be temporary anyway if I get a new job soon enough. Now all I have to do is pack and then move, which is another completely bothersome chore. At least I'll probably do my packing for my trip while I'm at it.

The packing will probably take up most of my time, but I do plan to continue posting value bets as I see them. Since I'm on a diet of mostly noodle soups to rehydrate, there won't be any restaurant reviews for maybe another week at least, and my whole diet and exercise plan has been thrown out the window while I'm still trying to recover.

One would think that I would have lost a lot of weight with all that has exited my body, but that doesn't appear to be the case. The constant rehydration has kept my weight in line, and the sugars from the gatorade will probably turn into fat very soon with me not going to the gym at all. Speaking of which, what is it with all these rehydration drinks being so full of sugar? In my regular diet I've stopped drinking soda, and even avoid things with sugar substitutes. I mostly drink water. But since the doctors say that stuff like gatorade do a better job of rehydrating with the electrolytes, I've been drinking a good amount of that. But there's 16g/serving in gatorade, 15g/serving in powerade, and 13g/serving in vitamin water. I don't want it completely devoid of sugar (it might taste salty?) but I think those numbers are on the high side for something I'm drinking just for rehydration. Is there anything out there that would suit me more? In the meantime, I've just started to dilute the gatorade, and I think that'll do since I hope to be fully recovered in a week.

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