Friday, August 24, 2007

VBOTD (Value bet of the day)

Under 9

Tampa's three young pitchers (Kazmir, Jackson, and Shields) have all been pitching really well of late. Shields has a streak of 4 consecutive quality starts going into this one. For Oakland, Lenny Dinardo has actually pitched quite well since being made a starter. His overall ERA for the season is 3.13. Even though Oakland appears to be on a roll with their offense lately, they've spent most of the season struggling at the plate and Tampa's really been struggling of late offensively.

Running record: +1375
Record: 21-8

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Trefo said...

Hank the Tank how are you......When you have a lock you let me still owe me two bets.....I'm angry I don't bet baseball but I can put an end to your winning very simply by putting money into one of these sites and betting with you....Enuff of the Chinee when your ready you come back....JS2 bought bcsi at 60 and is still holding.....get back over here already...I miss the pokerstars shirt