Saturday, October 10, 2009

Harbor cruise (entertainment, MomVisit09)

While we didn't want to go with the big crowds, we did want to do one touristy thing so we went on the harbor cruise off the battery. Due to the slow subway and a little misunderstanding, we were a little late for our scheduled departure but they were nice enough to wait for my mother once I sped over and got there. It's actually a pretty good deal. For $12 you get a 1 hour boat ride around the harbor, with the boat playing a recorded audio guide, and you get pretty close to the statue of liberty.

A good look at some of the bridges.

Even down at the very tip of Manhattan the skyline and architecture is still pretty impressive.

We also came pretty close to the nearby places such as Governor's Island.

Of course, a couple pictures of the statue of liberty.

The crowds actually on Liberty and Ellis islands were huge, and I thought this was a pretty good alternative to that. Cheaper, more relaxed, but there were still many good photo ops.

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