Saturday, October 17, 2009

NFL Week 6 (sport, gambling)

Indy saved last week from being horrible, especially since I pounded Indy full game, first half, and second half in an effort to try to recover from the earlier damage. With gambling, as in trading, you have to keep yourself in the game so that you can pounce when something sets up perfectly. On to this week's picks.

Over 46

I swear this line was at 44.5 when I looked at it this morning. Either way, I've been saying for a while now that Baltimore is no longer a defensive team where Flacco just has to manage the game. They will come out to score on offense, and Minnesota definitely has no trouble scoring.


The Patriots have had a tremendous record coming off a loss in the Belichick era. Tennessee, which has already been very bad all year, now has more injuries to deal with. The secondary is still horrific, and even if Brady's accuracy is way off, you give him enough chances and he will hurt you sooner or later.


The amount of love the Chargers have gotten in the media so far this week has been staggering. Yet I still think the Broncos are the real deal, and just the coaching matchup alone should be worth 3 points. I just think that this game will at worst come down to a final drive, and getting 3.5 points is a lot if that's the case.

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