Saturday, October 3, 2009

NFL Week 4 (sport, gambling)

Not a good start to the season at all. Baltimore did their part last week (although McGahee lost a fumble in the red zone), but Cleveland only managed 3 points. At this point, I'm going to stop writing these if I post more losing picks, unless I go 0-3 this week and then I'll continue to write these so you all can fade them. Good luck.

Over 45

Baltimore is still the highest scoring offense behind the Saints and the NE defense isn't anything special. NE will score, unlike the Browns, and with Baltimore's league-leading run defense, NE might really open up that offense for the first time this season.

Under 37

Washington could barely score against the Detroit defense last week and Tampa couldn't score at all last week.

Under 37

The Rams showed a little more sign of life with Boller, but I wouldn't get too carried away. The 49ers have actually averaged LESS yards per game than St Louis. Really.