Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lobster Salad (food, MomVisit09)

Even though my mom is a great cook, I wanted her to just enjoy her vacation and not cook. However, she did make her lobster salad. First things first. This is not salad in the way that most Westerners think of salad. Traditionally, Chinese people did not eat raw vegetables. I think the explanation was that manure was the main fertilizer and it was just deemed too dirty to eat raw vegetables, even if washed. So if you go to an old-school restaurant, even in Hong Kong, salad will typically refer to fruit salad, often with a Miracle Whip type of salad dressing. My mom's lobster salad also uses Miracle Whip, but contains both fruit and vegetables. Miracle Whip is salad dressing, not mayonnaise, and should not be compared to mayonnaise.

First, the lobster. We bought them at Pacific Chinese supermarket right off the 74th street Roosevelt Ave stop for $4.99/lb. These 4 lobsters cost about $28. I think there's a supermarket about 10 blocks away that's even cheaper, but we didn't want to walk the extra distance.

Here's what they looked like cooked. All the meat is then removed and given a rough chop/dice.

The other ingredients include diced celery, cucumber, and apple. The dressing is made with a combination of Miracle Whip and worcestershire sauce.

Also in the salad are diced ham and diced hard-boiled egg whites.

Add some pepper for seasoning and mix it all together. Visually, this is more like a potato or chicken salad type of salad, but even then the tastes and textures are very different. It won't last very long in the fridge, but that wasn't a problem as it tasted so good that it was all gone fairly quickly.

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Catherine said...

We used boiled diced potatoes and carrots along with apples and grapes when I was growing up. I think I'll make some tomorrow.