Sunday, October 25, 2009

NBA Bet of the Decade (sport, gambling)

I'm not exaggerating. This is a bet that is based on this past decade of NBA results. Depending on which sportsbook you look at, the line for the futures bet of regular season wins by the San Antonio Spurs is either 54.5 or 55.5. Since the 00-01 season, the Spurs have had 56 wins or better every season except last season, when they won only 54 games. That was with a hurt Manu Ginobili while this season they have solid additions of Richard Jefferson and Antonio McDyess. The only concerns are a thin-looking bench and with the departure of Bruce Bowen and Kurt Thomas, the way the team is built this year is a little different from previous years. However, Popovich is essentially the Belichick of the NBA in that he'll figure out a way to maximize the team's performance even with a change in identity (defense oriented Pats teams that turned into the offensive juggernaut Pats teams) and they'll always find decent bench players who work well in the system.

So there's my NBA bet of the decade, the San Antonio regular season wins over, which I would take up to as high as 55.5.


and this blog said...

I'm a huge Spurs fan!!!! i hope win it all this year, its every odd year no?

The Pretender said...

This might be their last year with Duncan still a first team All-NBAer. They will still need to add 2 pieces for the playoffs I think.