Saturday, October 10, 2009

NFL Week 5 (sport, gambling)

Didn't win by much, but all three picks last week did come in, so let me see if I can get a streak going.

Under 40.5

That 49er defense is good, but I doubt they'll be able to score 3 touchdowns again. That being said, the 49er offense still isn't that good, and I expect this to be a slow-paced, tough, football game with lots of running plays from both teams.

Over 50

The line on this started at 48, and is already up to 50. With huge passing games and big playmakers on both sides, this rates to be a shootout.


At this point we just have to admit that Tennessee is not a good team. Their secondary is horrible, and it won't get any easier against Peyton Manning. While the Colts defense is still much better against the air than the ground (think about their ARZ and MIA results), I just don't think the Titans have enough firepower to keep up.

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