Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Big Weekend in Football, Big Comeback in Basketball (sport)

I was away for my overnight concert trip (post coming) so was asleep for most of Sunday's games. It was a pretty big week in the NFL though. First, the tragic death of Chris Henry. I wonder how it will affect a young team like the Bengals as they make their first playoff appearance in quite a while.

The AFC playoff picture looks pretty crazy. There are six 7-7 teams right now and the two wildcard teams ahead of the pack at 8-6 are Denver and Baltimore, who have tough games at Philadelphia and at Pittsburgh respectively. I would love to see Tennessee make it, what a story that would be.

There hasn't been too much mention of the Mike Tomlin onside kick call with 4 minutes to go up by 2, most probably because it was overshadowed by Ben Roethlisberger's 500 yard game including the game winning TD. It was a brilliant, gutsy, and correct call that even Belichick might not have thought of. It had the element of surprise, and if it failed, gave them more time on the clock to come back on offense. When I wrote about the Belichick 4th down a while back, I mentioned that I thought only he and Tomlin would have the security (and coaching ability) to make that call, and here was another example of that. As my friend DGW said, "but if Zorn made that call he'd be lampooned. Possibly harpooned."

In conjunction with the NBA2H stuff, I bought NBA League Pass and have been watching a lot of basketball. It's been great as I've already been able to watch Brandon Jennings' amazing 55 point game, and yesterday watched one of the biggest comebacks I've ever seen in a basketball game. The Chicago Bulls, at home, were up by 35 points against a young Sacramento Kings team with 8:11 to go in the third quarter. The Kings then slowly chipped away at the lead, and with a 33-10 fourth quarter, actually took the lead with just under a minute to go in the game, and ended up winning by 4. Amazing does happen in the NBA sometimes.

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