Monday, December 28, 2009

Prix Fixe Lunch at Eleven Madison Park (food)

This is one of the best values in Manhattan, and when I feel like I can afford it, is my favorite lunch right now. It replaces the soup and sandwich combo at Gramercy Tavern which is a close second for half the price.

With the end of the year approaching, EMP has been fully booked for lunch every time I've been, but walk-ins can still find comfortable seats in the bar area and enjoy the full menu. The lunch menu, which now has an array of pastas added to it, is offered as 2 or 3 savory courses for $14 per course. The dishes here are from the current winter menu, but it looks like chef's creative juices have been flowing, and I've noticed a couple of small changes the last two weeks.

Hors d'oeuvres including the celery from before and now a foie gras and apple macaron. A popular savory combination put into a pastry/dessert form. Interesting. Like his beet marshmallow.

The linguini with Alaskan king crab, black pepper and meyer lemon from the new selection of pastas. I've had this twice now and I honestly can't be bothered to try any of the other pastas as I love this one so much. The pasta is perfect for me. It is more noodle-y than pasta-y, if there is such a thing. The light meyer lemon and oil goes perfectly with the sweet crab and black pepper. I actually think this is better than the crab pasta I had at Marea just for that added element alone.

I had the cochon de lait (suckling pig) done three ways, with rack, loin, and braised belly. The rack was wonderfully cooked for a piece that thick. It had good bite, while the loin was very very tender. The belly was nice and fatty, and came with crispy skin.

First, I understand that the pictures are not of a good quality, but I'm happy to announce that I do have a Canon Powershot coming in the mail in the near future. As for the meal, it was a terrific amount of food. I've done the two course menu twice now (had the crab pasta and salmon main, again delicious but no pics) and both times have left with the perfect feeling of satiation (no need for dessert) without feeling too full either.


Jonathan Weinstein said...

Mmm. Trying to convince my wife to try the lunch.

The Pretender said...

No convincing. Just drag her. If you do end up going lemme know, I'm not too far away and I would love any excuse to have lunch there.