Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ramen (food)

Man, it's hard to write a blog post every day. I'm lazy today, so let's go simple. My current favorite ramen is the ramen served for lunch at Tsushima. They serve a shio ramen on Wednesdays and now a shoyu ramen on Fridays. I love that their noodles are springy, and the broth is nice. I have never had the ramen at Momofuku noodle however, and do plan on trying that next.

This is a picture of the shoyu ramen, which kinda looked like a miso ramen in color. Look at those streaks of fat in that pork and that beautifully cooked egg. The set lunch comes with a bowl of rice with shrimp and mushrooms for $13.50 while the ramen itself is $9.50.

One place that I did give a second try was Ippudo, and I really just don't like it. The broth is really nice and rich, but I just can't stand the noodles. Supposedly, the noodles are intentionally thin and hard so that they form a little pocket for the broth. However, I like my noodles to have bite and after ordering the noodles two ways (regular and al dente), there's just no springiness at all. It's just hard and thin. I do understand its popularity though because it's just the noodles that I have a problem with, and that could just be personal preference. The pork buns are ok, while the kakuni is quite nice even if just a tad too sweet. Actually, I also don't like the hipster crowd and the fact that lunching solo at 2pm I needed to wait 10 minutes. So NYC.

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